Month: November 2014

Are you ready??

My cute EXO
Well there have been really awkward and wierd incidents in the kpop world this year i.e 2014.Really sad and heart breaking incidents occured too which have left all the kpoppers around the world heartbroken.But also they(kpop groups) have been rising as international idols and that is a matter of great honour for the country’s economy too,isn’t it??No matter what ever nonsense people around me say (i’m mentioning to the non-kpoppers around me,u know they bug me so much and nag about negative thngs of kpop but seriuosly who even cares) i’m always gonna support the kpop wave woohoo yehet 🙂 ❤ ❤ kpoppers and thir positive vibe that they always spread among their fans like Chanyeol (Happy virus ) from EXO my ultimate fav.boy group.So today is his Birthday Saengil chukkahe Oppa even if u r far away from us,plz keep spreading the happy virus and cheer ur band mates for all those things that have occured in EXO this particular day.
until the time that i manage time to update till then ANNYEONG.take care of urselves yeorobun .
Saengil chukkahe oppa
So let all the kpoppers unite and get ready for a whole new beginning (i’m just mentioning this to show strong support for the kpop groups) YEHET OHORAT