Month: December 2015

Fx 4 Walls Album Review

 Hey Guys.Yess. its been months since Fx released their album and I love the whole concept of the album.So I thought of reviewing the album and its tracks from my P.O.V.Check it out 

 Track list:
1. 4 Walls
2. Glitter
3. Deja Vu
4. X
5. Rude Love
6. Diamond
7. Traveler (Feat. ZICO)
8. Papi
9. Cash Me Out
10. When I’m Alone

Let’s start with the title track and I have to say the MV is really daebak.4 Walls is the title track and our lovely unnies have done a great job trying the new concept in the music video too.I loved the beat of the song and the music video was itself eccentric.The hook of the song ‘Love is 4 Walls walls walls is really catchy and Amber’s rap goes along with the flow of the song.The song starts really well and continues the flow of the song.

As for Glitter ,I thought the beat was kind of like a children’s song but the development of the song is nice really.It develops into a beat that we want to listen to and their vocals also stand out.The most fun part is when they all sing ‘Glitter Glitter Glitter’,it’s like being in a fairyland and being surrounded by all those fancy stuffs.

Deja Boo:One of my personal favorites from the album,it is the kind of song to be played in a party .It kind of reminds me of those EDM songs played during huge music festivals.Really great hook ‘Everytime I look at ou,its like a Deja boo’.Quite cheerful song too.

X:I loved the background music of X actually.Especially when the part comes ‘Chemical X’ and I love Amber’s part in this song.

Rude love:This also happens to be my ear bug from the album.I mean the song is so addictive to sing along to.The piano tune and the music is so calm and soothing.I want to sing along to this song.The hook itself stands out due to the members’ vocals and Amber’s vocal too.~~Rude love Rude love hanbal tteonaga~~

Papi:This song gives more of a Spanish vibe to me and reminds me of the Spanish songs that you love to dance to.It is kind of a dance song that you want to develop some steps for.Papi let’s go cuz I kinda like it.Takes me to the scenes of Spain and there is a song titled ‘Papi’ sung by JLo also.

Traveller:In this song,I think Zico starts off fine with his rap and the members’ vocals also try to blend in to the song with his rap.They start smoothly and the rap accentuates the song.~~Traveller.

Diamond:Amber’s raps stand out in this song and also the background music is addictive.The hook part ‘Nae simjangui Diamond’,I just love this part.The background music shakes me off.^_^

Cash me out:This song starts with a fun beat.The lyrics are amazing.The hook is also addictive,Cash me out a~~a ~~out.Not to mention the chorus part too.

When I’m alone:This is the perfect song to listen to when you are alone and about to sleep.Perfect song and the vocals have done great job singing this song.The beat and the music is calm to listen to.

Fx have done a great job and Krystal unni,Amber unni,Victoria unni and Luna unni are great.It is one of my favourite albums and continue to support them guys.I miss Sulli unni though.

~~~ ❤ Love is 4 walls walls walls.

Keep on being inspired and Fx fighting.