Month: December 2015


Read this awesome book guys.Really heart warming and inspirational.

‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio

“You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.”

Move on

move-on.jpgI don’t stop and dare to look back

Along the path which I have travelled

I walked through the hurdles that tried to crush me

But these hurdles refined me

People tell me not to look back

But to look one step ahead

I am ready to embrace my past

To correct all of  my mistakes and move on

I want to steer my life into a new direction

So that I can learn from past as well

As from the future

I just want to sweep the negative things aside

To change the things from their previous state

I have to move on.

My beloved

I take a seat beside her

Caress her calmly

I feel her soft cheeks and lips

By my rough hands


Seeing her trembling lips,

I put my hands and touch them

She tries to utter something

And I hear only the fragments of the words


I can do nothing but stare at her

Her empty eyes try to say something

Her gestures and movements are shaky

And I cannot understand them.


She finally breathes her last

I stare at her eyes devoid of life

Neither tears fall from my eyes

Nor smile appears in my lips


Totally shocked and devoid of expression

After my emotional strings tingle

Teardrops fall slowly,drop by drop

Just like the raindrops fall from a dark sky


That’s when I realize that

My tears are falling

And I’m crying

For my beloved lives in this earth

And breathes

No more.