Cheongdam dong Alice

L’effort es ma force. My effort is my force.

This is the quote that inspired me when I watched ‘Cheongdam dong Alice’.It was said by Han se kyung(Moon geun young), she believed that ‘hard work is my strength’.I found this quote when I was managing my room. I must have written this quote in a piece of paper at that time.

alice.jpgIt is said that our effort is our force. How many times have we put real effort to gain anything? No matter how hard things are we must keep on holding on. Let the tears flow and hold on. Make an effort to strengthen your beliefs.

Indeed, for our success in life, we must put our effort into gaining it. Only then we can attain our goal and be successful. Effort makes me. Do things carefully and make decisions while thinking one more time about that.

Hard work is my strength. Effort makes me. Keep on making an effort to reach your goal. Never give up.Himnae.~~ ^_^ ^_^


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