EXO playlist

You know the feeling when you are feeling down and everything seems to be falling apart.Yes back when I was in my junior year of high school,I was suffering from school work,stress and was suffering from illness.I was frustrated you see.everyone gets stressed and tensed when things son’t go the way they want to go.But there is solution to every problem and they can be solved.So there was Music for me,esp Kpop.I would listen kpop and enjoy them.They were soothing and would calm my nerves.EXO oppas were there for me(not there with me) but you know my point.I decided to post my playlist of EXO that I listen always even now since I am still in recovery from my operation,they give me hope and their soulful voice calms me right.Create your own playlist and have a listen to them when you are feeling so blanked out or are zoning out of your comfort zone.

Peace guys.

EXO fighting.EXO_L ^_^

One true pair 12



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