iKON ‘Dumb and Dumber’ MV Review

iKon is coming to town.Yes Ikonn have made their official comeback with their first full length album ‘Welcome back’.YG boys have again done it and I am so happy for them since I’m YG stan yeah.iKon have released multiple MVs which include “Dumb and Dumber”(my fav),”What’s wrong”,”I miss you so bad”.Among these the first two were chosen as title songs from a total of 11 tracks.Members B.I and Bobby(Double B) contributed much in these music videos.

From the starting to the end,the music video is awesome and heart striking.I loved every single piece of them and the video.

The MV starts with our cute Hanbin sleeping in a weird pose in a bed.He looks so cool even acting like a dumbo.Then comes the part when Bobby takes out a tape,’Attention everyone’.You should have noticed B.I and Bobby’s expression.It was way cool.Double B are in the front seat and don’t forget to check out the expression of the fellow members at the back.

Not to mention about their hairstyle and fashion,everything was great.Like seriously,meoributeo ballkeutkkaji(from head to toe).I think they pulled off the hairdo perfectly.Hanbin’s shot at the mirror was hilarious and yes when Bobby acted all like tiptoeing and shouting,’When I enter the room,spotlight naekkeo, I liked that.His soldier makeup suited him.I mean yeah they really look great.

Jinhwan is so cute and looks innocent.His soulful voice,~~Oh baby… yeh yeah.I am in love with his baby face hehe.Yun hyeong had gorilla like gloves in his hand and he acted like one but he was also great.Then comes ahhh ~~Jun hwoe all acting like a wolf or vampire,his eyes.

Especially,the part where the song goes”LA DI DA DI,chaemineun norae” and their gorilla like dance woah way too cool.Their dance was *thumbs up*.I cant put it into words.

Donghyk was in a room with so beautiful art pieces,I liked the setting too.Chan woo (baby face)maknae also did great.I was amazed by the scene where Chanwoo sits around those fluffy and friendly(hope they were) wolves.They were so cool.Of course Chanwoo was also cool,he always is.

The most hilarious scene(My P.OV) is when Double B are acting like fighting so playfully and naughtily,I liked their comedy acting.It was kind of cute for me.The members were dancing and having fun in their pajamas and the scene where ballons are there.They look like children playing in a park.So cool.

Personally,of allthe music videos from iKon:My Type,Apology,Anthem,What’s wrong,my favorite would be ‘Dumb and Dumber’.lets get dumb oleh oleh.

They pulled the concept really well this time too.

Don’t forget to check out ‘Making of Dumb and Dumber  MV’.It is also fun to check out.

iKon Dumb and Dumber MV making ❤

Khamsahamnida Guys.


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