Kpop Flashbacks/Memories

Korean dramas,Korean songs,Korean music video…All these are related with somewhat fangirling.I was studying in Grade 5.I finished my classes and was watching the channel that my sister was putting.I was eating my lunch.She starts dancing showing weird dance steps and tuning into a channel whose language I don’t understand.I found the steps fascinating and dance with my sister.I was humming the same song that I had named to be weird in my lips.I was amused with the song and the tune.It was a weird step but I loved the hips movement.It was quite unique from the dance performed here.And so my journey started ,the ultimate kpop fangirling journey.And that’s how it started ,my first Kpop MV was Irony by Wonder Girls.

Check it out here:

Fangirling,I love it.When there is one and only group that you have been watching out for  years.The same goes for me and EXO makes me feel that way.But now I am in  mutlifandom so except being an EXO-L,I am a YG stan too and it feels even more great when that group makes a comeback.

We have an official community where people from our country with similar interests share their ideas and work together.It feels great being part of Kpop Community here.

Peace and Himnae.

❤ ❤ ❤


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