Multi Fandom


Being in a multi fandom,I love it.I am actually an EXO-L and YG stan.But I am in multi fandom.I can’t help supporting all the groups even rookies.

The thing that I love about these groups is that they each have unique kind of chant or let us say their way of representing themselves.For instance,We can call it their signature introductionstyle.

EXO:We are ONE ,Anyeonhaseyo EXO Imnida

Block B:Do u wanna B,Anyeonhaseyo Block B  Imnida

SuJu:Urineun Shupeu Juni OHEHO (cue hand motions)

Sistar:We’re B.E.S.T. Sistar – Hello we’re Sistar!


B1A4:Let’s fly, B1A4! adorable salute


GOT7:Come and get it, GOT7!

These are some of the Kpop groups’ signature introduction.They do everything so perfectly and they do it in sync.

New rookies debut and I am surprised how much talented they are.There are maknaes who are younger than me,who are filled with so much passion and vigor.Maybe the maknaes’ average age is around 14-15 years which is just daebak.They are so talented and determined to pursue their dream.keep going yedura.They sure garner loads of attention from their noonas and oppas hehe.

Being in a multifandom,there are lots of perks.Overall all korean groups are awesome and hard working.I don’t want to be partial towards them.EXO YG fighting.Sarangheyo



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