Brave Song

Hey guys.I had watched this amazing anime while I was staying in tent during the devastating earthquake in April 25 2015.It has been 9 months since the earthquake and we are recovering from the after effects.So I liked the closing song of this anime.The anime was ‘Angel Beats’ and the song was titled ‘Brave song’,it is sung by Aoi Tada.It is really inspiring and amazing too.The tune and beat of the song is itself calming and peaceful.It is a perfect song to listen to when we are going through hard times.I have posted the english translation here and listen you can listen to the song here:

I was always walking alone, When I turned around everyone was far behind
Even so I kept walking, That was what strength was
“I’m not afraid of anything anymore,” I try to whisper to myself
Everyone becomes alone someday living on only in memories
So that I can love and laugh even in loneliness I will fight
I will show no tears

I was always walking alone, A cliff waited for me at my destination
Even so I kept walking as proof of my strength
The strong wind blew against me, My shirt stuck to me with sweat
If I can forget everything someday living will become so much simpler
If I fall past oblivion that’s just running away
If only the meaning of having lived would disappear

Before long the wind died down and the sweat evaporated
I’ve become hungry, Did something happen?
Together with vibrant voices a pleasant scent came along

I was always walking alone, Everyone was waiting

Everyone becomes alone someday living on only in memories
Even so it’s fine, I will call these peaceful feelings my companions
Living somewhere I will someday forget the days that I spent with everyone as well
At that time I won’t be strong anymore
With the weakness of a normal girl tears will overflow

Enjoy and keep on being inspired.Have a great day.Thanks


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