Ninghun:My lovely Sis

Dear Ningwa,

How are you doing?I hope and pray for your recovery and hope to meet you chadae nai.We have not met since a year,but I hope to meet you when the right time comes.Maybe I will appear in your dreams and hope you will appear in mine ^_^ ^_^

Ninghun,don’t worry because you are not going through all the suffering alone.Your loved ones will always be by your side and around you.You are not going through all those sufferings,there are thousands of people in this world who are either going through the same or maybe even wore than that.Just hold on to yourself for a little while and trust me everything is gonna be alright.As you said yourself to me,to have patience.Yes have patience you too.

You know how I also used to think about my condition that way even though I knew it was temporary.I couldn’t help myself complaining about it.I guess that’s human nature;to complain when things go wrong right.There will be ups and downs in our life and we have to handle them thinking everything will be fine.The moment will be so good when we get pass those hurdles and achieve something.Like you said i’ll have patience and wait for the right time till things around me get fine.

let us always be good fangirls and keep stalking our lovelies pyari sis,take good care of your health and always remember your kyungsoo unni whenever things get hard on you.Keep on smiling and congrats on taking your braces off (even if it had been long since you took those precious things off) then also.Thanks for everything Sis and stay blessed.Don’t stress yourself with your studies.Study well,hope you will achieve great things in the future.Stay healthy.EXO-L fighting.Love yourself.

Peace.We Are One.Sarangheyo

Yours loving Unni,

Forever Pororo Dyo

And Sis listen to this wonderful song by X Ambassadors hai.Hope it will be a good listen to your ears.Love love XOXO. ❤ ❤ ❤


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