I sit back and enjoy the warmth of the sun

I’m in an awful condition

Tolerating the excruciating pain

Hoping everything to be allright

I just enjoy the momenthope

I am amused and stressed at the same time

For no reason I am having mixed feelings

I try to tolerate the pain

Waiting for good things to surround me


A miracle is about to happen

I pray and hope things to be alright

All of a sudden I doze off

I drift in a land where there is no pain no suffering


Everyone is jumping with joy and is laughing

Echoes of cheerfulness fills the air

Someone pulls me into the crowd

Where everyone seems to cherishing the moment


Just as I am cherishing the moment

I realize this is only momentary and I cannot stay here

I shake myself and try to run away from the miracle

I wake up from the travel to that place in a flash


I am back to the place where the warmth of sun still surrounds me

I can only wish that such place of miracles could exist

Devoid of pain and suffering

Filled with cheerfulness and laughter of the people





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