School 2015

Dear Palistha(Bae),

“18 years.It’s too early to achieve your dreams.But it’s a perfect age to start those dreams.Its painful when you fall.It’s the perfect age to fall a hundred times and learn how to stand again.

The love you thought would last forever though it may be empty and end with looming university entrances coming.It’s an awkward age when we are easily scarred.Those years are the most painful and we go through many hardships.Nevertheless once time has passed,the reason why we can say that those were happy times is the memory of someone’s hand that reached out to us when we fell.


Not any more or any less,but just one more person approach a friend that’s crying and say this to them.Both you and I,no matter what ordeal comes our way,we will get through it.

It’s okay if you’re hurt,you’re 18 years old.”

-Go Eun Bi (School 2015)

This is the most great lines and motivational lines that Eun bi said while I watched ‘School 2015’.It is kind of motivational high school drama.Check that out hai.

Yes we get scars and problems surround us but it is our choice to overcome those problems in a positive way and learn from those scars we made while overcoming those problems.It feels very hard to keep on holding on when you are alone but as time passes,it heals everything and we will be able to stand straight and see those problems as an experience.Have confidence in everything you do and it is never late to learn new things.

Let us make this year 2016 our lucky year and learn new things.Let us hold on to these things a little bit longer,have patience and do things steadily as the saying goes,’Slow and steady wins the race’.Fighting and never give up.We can do this.

Loads of love.Sarangheyo.XOXO ❤ ❤ ❤

-From ur Rozz 

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