Happy Science


Hey guys How are you doing?I hope everything is fine.I was just going through the Happy Science Monthly Magazine Issue 199 and thought of sharing some quotes mentioned in the lectures by Ryuho Okawa.

“It may appear a burden,but you are probably in that situation to be taught an important lesson:how to love.You are being asked how much you can bear and still love,nurture and forgive.”

“The purpose of religion is ultimately to help us grow as human beings.Through that growth,we can overcome and eliminate the problems,strife,frustration and suffering.”

“So to be able to have different ways of looking at things and to recognize the strengths of many different individuals like this is a part of our growth as human being”

“Being able to forgive is essential for your happiness.”

“Be happy now and our view of the past will change.”

Keep on living your life and stay blessed always.

Peace XOXO.

-Rojina Kyung ❤ ❤ ❤

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