Appreciation is word of praise that can enhance anybody’s confidence and lack of appreciation puts you down, low in confidence. If you want be confident in every sphere of life then ‘learn to appreciate’.

Lack of appreciation creates jealousy,frustration, inferiority complex, et cetera.Everybody wants appreciation. Appreciation boosts us to achieve our goal. Learn to appreciate good in others, you will definitely become good. Criticism puts thorn in one’s way if a person is over criticised.


We all have some talents but we lack to achieve it because of lack of appreciation.We are always being criticised and being compared with our siblings and friends,this criticism makes us weak. Never criticise
your child but appreciate him/her for what s/he is good at.

Appreciate a person as he is because everybody is a masterpiece of god. By appreciation we make a person recognise his own worth. Everybody has talent and if s/he is properly appreciated then s/he can create a history.
Remember over appreciation is a poison.It prevents one from hard work. Appreciate yourself and always be thankful for everything you are given.

-Author unknown



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