Happy Birthday D.O oppa


Dear Kyung soo oppa,

Happy 23rd birthday.I know you and all other oppas endured a lot this year.You all went through it together and came out strong.No matter how you are,you guys are forever in my heart as OT12 and OT9.Nothing can alter that thing or deflect that.As for today,it is our lovely Pororo squishy D.O oppa’s birthday.This day is very special for you and us as well.Hope you stay blessed and healthy this year.

I hope blessings shower you this year and take good care of your health too.Stay healthy and take good care of yourself this year as well as your voice too.I fell in love with your voice since the HISTORY era.I am going to cherish you forever and you have inspired me in many ways.I appreciate that.Your voice always provides me serenity.I find the motivation from your calming voice and EXO’s songs.You have given me more than inspiration and happiness.I am happy that your songs helped me go through my worse times.Seeing you guys through EXO Showtime,singing,dancing;all those were happy moments.I wish for your bright future and career.


Kyung soo oppa,you don’t know how much you make my heart flutter whenever you appear in my dream,it’s as though it was real and live.I would be one hell of a lucky fan to meet you in person.But I hope and pray that may I be able to meet you in person in South Korea.I will surely visit Korea after completion of my studies when I become independent.I am gonna meet all my biases and groups.

You might not be aware of this thing but there are thousands of fans out there whose life has turned out great or have experienced drastic change due to You and EXO oppas.From HISTORY era to SING FOR YOU,we have been waiting to see you guys sing for us.I have watched you mature since HISTORY to MAMA to amazing dance performance in GROWL,your vocals are amazing.I can’t stop watching all those videos again and again.Your voice brightens up my stressed soul.


Watching your shy nature and a mature side in EXO’s Showtime always put a smile in my face.I still watch your clips,I can’t forget the heart shape that forms on your lips while smiling.Your smiles have made me forget all my hard times endured.Continue to be cute and the source of my ultimate happiness so that I continue to admire you always.Keep on rocking your vocals and please your fans.We EXO-L’s will continue to support Doh Kyung Oppa and EXO.

Kyung Soo Oppa Fighting

With love,

Yours Kyung Rojina


❤ ❤ ❤



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