17 Mansae MV Review

So guys first of all,I wanted you all to just click in this link to vote for me.Please do it guys.And secondly I had planned to do a MV review of 17’s Mansae but due to frequent power cuts  I have not been able to do so.Now here I am doing it and posting finally.Hope you love it guys


The starting of the video I really cool and the group photo was also pretty amazing.All 13 members together.I noticed Mingyu’s expression while S.coups jumped to be in the photo.it was as if S.coups was heavy and he was saying to *get off* kind of

wonwo  jh1


Anyway the song begins nicely as Wonwoo dreams of being with his dream girl(I guess)and to mention it,every member’s girl is same.So hyang is so lucky,to be able to act with these guys(her dongsaengs) hhaha,even though they look mature.I wonder why their noona was featured in the MV alongside them ,it would be great if Kim Yoo Jung was told to act in that MV.But So hyang looks younger maybe it is the makeup.



Then Jeong han,his hair is so silky and pretty.I love his hair more than his hair. His basketball playing scene looked awesome.The way his hair swayed OMG.S.coups becomes protective and protects So hyang from the ball ,he jumps for that.Vernon gets slapped but he looks fine by that slap.Mingyu tries to catch her from falling(like she is going to fall)in one scene.Acting all tough in front of noona eh.The part where the boys put their food or lunch in So hyang’s table is cute,well I find it cute.DK is so cheerful and his smile.


I found the rap part better than Adore U and noticed that The8 had few lines compared to Adore U.The vocal and dance team put on a great performance.The dance routine is addictive and I would learn it if it weren’t for my leg problem.I’m definitely going to learn the dance after I become healed.They worked real hard and the main dance which goes with the hook ‘Mansae Mansae Mansae’ is addictive.


Their fashion concept in this MV was way better than that in Adore U.The school concept totally suited these young and handsome singers.It portrayed  masculine side of them sure enough to lure their noona fans. Everything from their hair and make up made them look mature.Vernon appeared so mature Yes

The highlight of the video is whether they were able to capture the attention of the girl that they admire.I think S.Coups won that whatever it was.in the end,he took her hand and ran in a what game.I can see at the end also,everyone is running throwing tennis balls but S.coups is with So hyang noona.Congrats Seung cheol ssi.




PEACE ❤ ❤ ❤

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