Can you imagine?

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Can you imagine being threatened by your own ones that brings tears to your eyes and hurt your innocent soul?

Can you imagine having to go through all the emotional things and dealing with them all by yourself?

Can you imagine the pain  when your sibling treats you like an outsider only to throw some harsh words as if they don’t count you as their own?

Can you imagine seeing the person you cherished turn into a demeaning soul ?

Can you imagine smiling and crying at the things that seem almost absurd to you?

Can you imagine someone calling your name when you feel so pissed off on a day?

Can you imagine focusing your energy to listen to the deep voice in your heart when everything turns lopsided?

Can you imagine the pain when those feelings flood your mind that seem to encroach your mind?

Can you imagine the instability felt due to stress where it reaches a point that you give up on your life?

Can you imagine dozing off at the place and seamless thoughts make you drifted?

Can you imagine yourself suspecting your own existence in the world?


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