Month: February 2016

Texting is ruining our language


It was 10 in the clock and I was about to sleep.Instantly I saw my phone blink at me,someone’s message popped on the screen.
“ mRng! LoNg tYm ya hOw r yuH??…….” It was a long text and I was astonished not because someone who was no more in contact had text me but by the fact that the letters were just so elaborately decorated that I felt my phone too dazzling.Those low case and upper case letters mixed together with the short cut words..WOW!! It was spellbinding but are you trying to impress me with your so called glamorous words or you texted me because you have something to say? The person sending such messages might think they look super cool with such words which is nerve racking.With the hectic pace of modernisation one thinks that texting in such an alien way, they are becoming trendy.They are such a…

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Rest in peace

I would like to dedicate this post to those people who died in a recent plane accident in our country.

The day was 02/25/2016.After the devastating April 2015 Earthquake in our country,we have been suffering from several aftershocks after that.It is a matter of great worry because we have to live each and every day with fear.From innocent children to young teenagers to wise old people,everyone does not feel safe and secured now.So this day also around  3 in the evening,an earthquake afterschock of around 5 Richter scale was felt in the Capital along with several parts of the country.There is frequent power cuts at the moment so we cannot tune live news about the country or world.

Shortly,after power cut ended for the day,we saw the news regarding the terrible accident that happened in another neighbouring district in our country.The accident happened around 8 in the morning.Main pilot,co pilot and the air hostess died along with the 23 passengers on board.The news shocked everyone and it is a tragic loss for the nation too.

There were two new born babies,one couple who were traveling to Muktinath which is a religious temple in that place.Several people who had dreams and aspirations could not fulfill their wishes and left their family members alone.Some people were not able to say last Good byes to their loved ones and some said good bye forever.May their souls rest in peace and may their families be in peace.I pray for the welfare and wish for the bereaved families to stay strong and not to lose hope at such times.

Life and Death are inseparable and we have to die one day.Maybe time had come for these people to die which is why they suffered untimely death.Reports are that the dead bodies of these people are yet to be identified and sent for post mortem as many of the bodies have been burned in  a bad way.I pray and wish that such type of accidents never happen again and pray for the departed souls to rest in peace.

Rest in Peace

Never Mind

Sometimes when nothing goes just right and worry reigns supreme. When heartache fills the eyes with mist and all things useless seem. Just one thing can drive away the tears that scald and blind. Someone to slip a strong arm ‘round and whisper, “Never mind.” … Continue reading Never Mind