Hey folks,I was wondering that in a day does your mind get filled with loads and loads of questions that you are unable to answer them yourself.In each and every step of our life,we face several unexpected events where we have to make choices analyzing the situation we are in.So there comes a moment where we have to question ourselves in order to decide the right thing.

For instance the moment you open your eyes,you decide whether or not to wake up and get our of bed because you have gor two options,either to go to bed or get out of bed(that’s simple).And after you wake up,and become fresh,you again have a wide range of choices for yourself either drinking tea or coffee and the game of choices continues till you end your day.

Suppose you are about to go to your work(which is inevitable) and you have to board a local bus or whatever sort of transport in available.I get in between choices whenever I have to go out.See literally every vehicle or public transport coming my way is packed and they stuff people as if they are stuffing animals.Men and women get stuffed and then many wierd things happen.Like harassment and other violent activities.

I stand in the bus stop and make wierd expressions to each and every vehicle that passes my way because I have to make a choice,either to get on the vehicle that comes instantly as I have to reach my destination anyhow or wait for another vehicle of the same route for ten or fifteen minutes.Again I am in dilemma as I have to waste my precious time and energy,cursing the vehicles or utilizing that time doing something productive and I again wonder how can we do something productive when we are waiting for a freaking bus to do our work?

This is how I came up with the concept of GOC meaning Game Of Choices as if in Game of Thrones.It is fun you know.Our human minds have to make these many choices in a day that I suppose humans can go mad when thinking about the same thing throughout the day without pausing.

Well for the very least thing,I tend to do so and I sometimes find myself speaking to myself not in minds but in person ,Yeah I speak to myself in person.My inner voice cannot be suppressed and it comes out ,whenever I am going to new places,or traveling or wandering new things and stuff alone.I mean it ,it sounds fun and it is fun.

I find myself entangled in this myriad of GOC and we can get out of this if we learn to ask ourselves the questions.Because it is said that to every problem lies a solution in itself.

Try it guys.Learning to control our own minds because it is our own asset not others’ DUH.


🙂 🙂 🙂


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