Great people

Debating is really a great experience.I was totally null about this debating thing until one of my friends introduced me with debating.At times you may feel like debating is not your thing but you will learn as you go on practising and all.

I got an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful workshop where there was lot of fun and debating too.I felt the hangover for few days and still the memories have not been faded from my memory lane.They still linger over my memory.

I felt like I made good decision being a part of the workshop.We created strong bondings and made memories worth sharing.Despite hectic schedules,we were able to have fun and smile also.That made my day.I had never been among such lovely and friendly people.Even if there were times when I felt demotivated and stressed,I was able to put up a smile and keep up the spirits due to the people there.There were people never failing to motivate the participants and not to forget about the amiable environment created due to the coaches and trainers there.

I love debating and I made a new family through debating.


Debating fighting

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