Stress buster


You know at the present age ,or the age in which we are living,each and every people out there is suffering from stress.There is not a single person who is not stressed or say frustrated with his/her life.We are living life in such a pace that we are forgetting what we are living for and we are also forgetting the little joys that exists  in our life.

Well I also do stress a lot and on a lot of situations.I freak out and I cannot work under a lot of pressure.I seem to blank out whenever I am in such situations. Can you just imagine how it must feel like to have an empty mind during any kind of competitions or such and such? It feels so lame and I feel so ashamed because that’s it .When my mind is not working and there is no space for the term ‘think’ then everything becomes bamboozled

Yes ,I sound awkward but trust me when we all are under pressure or stress,our brain does not work,mine doesn’t I dont know if yours does.Anyways the point is what is wrong with having an empty mind? Seriously ,we can fill the empty bottle with water when we are thirsty,then why not fill our empty minds when we are hungry of knowledge.

I am a novice debater see and there was one moment or say one debate where I was on the opening side(if you get what I mean) and I seriously wanted to kill myself because that was the worst performance that I ever put okay,well I kept on dazing to one particular adjudicator which I do not know why I did that.Maybe it was because of lack of confidence.But yes it happened.After I did my part,I lost focus from the debate man why?

I did not know what my fellow debaters told or put forward any new thing.My mind was wondering around some new thing which sucked pretty much.I was just scribbling things and kept on doing that not caring about the debate but a shocking thing happened.I didnt expect the outcome to be like that.

AND the shocking part was that I won that debate now how it is upto the adjudicators but I know how and why I won.I realized that we cannot be judgemental and keep on criticizing ourselves.Even though you are stressed listen some music,it will heal you.It has healed me.

Whenever I am stressed or demotivated EDM tracks energise me and keep me hydrated.It sucks up my stress and pulls me out from the black hole.i am back again yeah.

SO guys even if you fall in such circumstances and tend to give up ,then remember do not lose hope.Stay motivated and tackle the stress.Challenge the stress and fight with it courageously.

What do you do to take away the stress?

PEACE and do comment

Thank you folks.

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