I wanted to ask myself this question whether I am tired today or not? I never ask myself or even care to question myself regarding my day and what I learned. It’s always about our work or others. Because in the end, we all care about what others are doing, eating, studying and forget about our own existence. I seldom spend time with myself at the end of the day.

I want to spend time with myself and then reflect my activities at the end of the day, but I feel so tired and so I go to sleep. I don’t do those things which I have committed. Sometimes it is all about the time which we can take out for ourselves. Learning about self is the greatest asset and I am stuck in my body till I die so if I do not know myself better what is the meaning of my existence? 

I used to feel so tired with life sometimes and I do now too. It’s not that all things are into place and that everything is aligned together. NO…

Feeling tired and demotivated is the same thing which leads to depression. Even though my mother says to put up a smile no matter how bad your day is, no matter what problems you have on your shoulders, but the natural smile just doesn’t come up. In fact, I get so tired and also angry when things don’t go according to my way, I lose track of my mind and I don’t know what I will do.

Okay, fine Smiling, when we are tired, is not a big deal,  but what if it is a big deal? I mean I find the number of such people rarely in my community.No one can hide their problems and then smile in front of their friends and relatives as if nothing has happened. I know it is teaching us to look things from a bright side disregarding the negative side, anyways how are we going to smile and live our life when we suffer from the loss of our beloved ones. It is going to be hard, but we must learn to go with the flow.

Saying and doing are two very different things, I say one thing and tend to act in a different way. I contradict my actions and thoughts because that is what normal people usually tend to do. Also, another thing which makes me tired or drains my energy is when someone shouts way too much and orders around (it is fine if the person ordering are my parents), but then also there is a limit to everything.

Do you ever feel tired because of the friends’ circle you have?

If no then that’s fine even if you are tired, it is alright; I know the feeling.

Okay so my eyes are slowly shutting down the system, I even do not know why I feel so freaking tired on this wonderful day. Because as far as I remember, I was dancing to ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake hahaha

Not funny I love the dance steps of the song.

Anyways don’t ever feel tired by the things and the problems which you are involved in. Keep on smiling and Rock on.

Chao. See yah


🙂 🙂 🙂

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