NCT-U 7th Sense MV Review

NCT U is gaining quite attraction these days. Yeah and I love their MV for ilgob bonjae gamgak and they are totally mindblowing. Hats Off to these rookies.

The music video starts off with the members of the group forming a shape and the background is black and white which adds to the charisma of the scene. Slowly as Tae yong’s voice emerges in the video, the video becomes colorful and then the whole scene is lightened up due to his voice and the members’ wonderful dance moves. The dance moves are so intense and addictive. What is more addictive is that their dance routine is so synchronized and managed.

Talking about their dress style ,their dress up style is cool and they have opted for a loose and classy look unlike other music videos of Korean boy groups. Tae yong is the center of attraction for me in the video as his fashion style and dancing style is quite alluring.


The striped t-shirt underneath the loose jacket which is paired up with loose jeans really suits him. Another cool thing about him is the yellow cap perfectly accentuating his hair style. Jaehyun and Doyoung have a classy look too. The jeans jacket paired with loose jeans. Ten has another dress code well not another exactly but his is slighty different from the others. He flaunts a green trouser kind of pant and his seductive voice just gives way to his coolness. Mark also wears a cap and flaunts white t-shirt with the group’s dress code, loose pants. I think basically SM entertainment needed a change in NCT’s wardrobe for this video probably so that they would feel comfortable dancing in loose jeans. Overall I would rank the members wardrobe  8 out of 10 Hhaahha YEAH.

Now talking about the dance moves, I am speechless. I mean I know right how all the SM groups have a way  of developing the trainees or singers’ dance moves in particular because that is so SM STYLE. Umm well EXO, SuJu, Shineee, SNSD, Fx and all have particular dance moves every time they release a new album or say a new music video that doesn’t come out from our mind for days. So even though I am still learning to dance, I will learn NCT’s ‘7th Sense dance hah *flips hair


Well still the stage I think that is  a stage of some kind anyways, so the stage covering is good and the members dancing mobility is really nice. There are some scenes where the dance moves were so flawless. The members are dancing as if they have no bones in their body. As in one part when Ten sings and al the members pump the body, that is so nice. I mean my body also moves everytime I watch their video and it is so so so addictive. Why are they so perfect? In another scene where Ten, Mark and Tae Young hold hands and then Jae Hyun enters from under them and Do young jumps, yes that part was mind blowing. I dont know how to put this into words and I am poor at expression yeah okay anyways. Everything, I mean every tiny detail is made into perfection by them.

The ending dance was also catchy where the members move their hands and legs by forming a kind of repetitiveness. And then after the song ends, the members stand with their heads bowed down. The performance music video flickers on and off between colored and discolored video.


So NCT U fighting and keep on rocking guys. Keep on blowing off our minds and KPOP fighitng


~open your eyes joyongi open your eyes~~


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