Everyday writing prompt

I had this everyday writing prompt PDF saved since four five weeks and had left it there untouched. But today I had the chance and the time to open it and see what content was there in the prompt. I love writing but I have been lazy these past days. Like seriously, I have not been writing and updating my blogs which is crazy for some reason and also because I have got so many things to handle. Today is May 3rd 2016 and the prompt questions are for everyday as the title itself suggests meaning to say that the prompts are popped out every day whihch we have to answer. I am going to answer in my own way starting today i.e the prompt for May 3 as per the question is;

The little things
Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that
defines your world but is often overlooked.

Well one of the little things that I love and defines my world is without hesitation is Kpop and Hallyu. Yes the reason why I chose Kpop is because it is one of the little things that defines my world and is overlooked. My craze with Kpop and hallyu is not liked or appreciated by my parents but  it has reduced the my-daughter-is-obsessed-with-koreans thing now. However this thing is not emphasized and I tend to forget about it too. i think I am getting in the track of the question as  far as I know. Korean music and drama is something that I have been in love with since Grade 5 and it has been almost 7-8 years since my obsession and involvement with the Korean craze. Whenever I am sad or upset and angry or happy, Kpop keeps me filled and it keeps me rejuvenated. Due to it, I am in a  way relieved that I have a special connection with Kpop and the Korean things that I love, be it Korean music, culture and everything.It provides me with joy and even some dramas make me cry. They fill me with emotions. Being a fan is hard because even if you are not related to that person meaning to say your bias as in blood relation or anything, there is this feeling or emotion overflowing whenever your bias is sick or gets success in their album and in any special performance and sorts and sorts. Even when they get awarded in a award ceremony, it will be a matter of joy and pride for us. Maybe it is their special kind of charm due to which I am attracted day by day to them. I never get enough of them. I adore them and always admire them. I also have this special place for Korean singers in my heart and respect them from the core of my heart. I will never forget their hard work and dedication which inspires me in turn.

Peace Hallyu wave




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