It’s a text, text, text world

How do you communicate differently online than in person,if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

And here I am about to answer the second prompt for the day. The question is mentioned above.

Obviously I am not much of an online person however I prefer communicating with people in person rather than in the internet. But while communicating online with few of my chosen friends, I tend to speak normally and sometimes when I am not in a good mood, I do not speak online and when the person I dislike starts a conversation with me, I get all mad and avoid speaking with that person due to which I go offline. I am so not into online chat.But then also, I like using slangs while speaking online with people. Apart from all these, I like being a part of online groups which I am part of a couple of groups. The main benefit of such groups is that I get to read all the interesting messages that is posted in the group by the members even if you don’t get to be a part of it. Today most of the chat and conversations happen online. We never meet with people but converse with people online which is so virtual and too much fake.

I sometimes exaggerate my feelings and emotions in a written medium because no one is gonna find out about our true feelings as they are eventually neglected which is the reason I tend to be more poetic and literary while communicating with people online regarding my emotions. What is even more funny is my typos Oh god I make so many typos. Many people have misunderstood me because of that. I am sorry to those people ahhah lol whatever sometimes wrong emoticons get sent to unknown people. You know one time I sent a kiss emoticon to my guy friend from school and I said nothing, I just sent another smile emoticon which looked as if I was correcting the emoticon sent earlier. Hope he didn’t take it seriously for some reason. YES that is one disadvantage of typing and communicating by text.

For some reason, I like talking with people in person rather than online. But there are ways to improve socializing online with people also.

Thank you.



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