When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do
you see the forest first, or the trees?

When I look out my window , I see a tree. There are not many forests around here but I see a tree. It is a tree and it is huge. Everyitme I feel lonely and upset, I see the big tree standing no matter what ever hurdles come, be it whether there is a storm or raining heavily , it always  stands there without letting go of its support. Even when the 2015 April earthquake hit us, I was afraid that the tree would fall. I was not concerned about anything but the tree because if it fell, out house ould be crushed so but to my surprise it didn’t happen. The tree kept holding itself no matter how violently the land where we were standing shook. The tree is even more lonely than me. The house where this tree stands is abandoned by the people here because of the condition of the house made by the devastating earthquake. The house is accompanied by the tree and a small dog.
The tree gives me hope and provides me motivation to live on and keep on being determined to move on no matter how hard things are.

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