Morphing : Swag

Language evolves. The meaning of a word can shift over
time as we use it differently — think of “cool,” “heavy,” or
even “literally.” Today, give a word an evolutionary push:
give a common word a new meaning, explain it to us, and
use it in the title of your post.


I find that this particular word ‘Swag’ has a couple of meanings . Searching its meaning in dictionary I found weird weird meanings of this word:
Most assume Swag to be a slang for stolen goods. While some take its meaning for a garland which is weird and funny for some reason. The term swag has been mentioned as the abbreviations of several stuffs and also it is the short form for swagger. Having looked and heard some of the funny meaning of swag, I will give it a new meaning and baptize this term.
Firstly as most of the people here use this word swag mainly to show off their coolness and what not . Pfff well that is so obvious even the people think that judt by sporting stuffs with SWAG name on them, they will look way too cool which basically makes no sense to me.
On to the new meaning of swag, I think Swag can be used as a word as a synonym for cool. Using it daily or inserting it in conversations will make you look more cool (I am just kidding) Anyways since swag is the It word of the new generation why not give it an evolutionary push. Like in conversations , we can be like ‘Oh man it looks so swag’. ‘You have got a swag dress’.’You are so swag’ haha yes how would that sound like actually. Maybe it will sound totally lame but as days pass everything is going to look and sound swag. Yeah.
Maybe we can link this word with other words to look more Swag .
Swag guys.
Look swag and talk swag

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