Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would
happen actually did.

Not everything happens according to our will. Well that’s for sure. There are times when I feel that I wished things would go as planned but eventually they don’t you see. Life is a mystery and we don’t know what surprises are waiting for us in the future. So life is quite unpredictable I guess.

Honestly I didn’t get the question . I basically thought that 
Sometimes there are times when you would hope things to go exactly as you planned and they didn’t go out well. But the question is to explain about a timE when things you hoped to be right exactly happened.
Searching from the
record of my memory, I found nothing as to relate to my experience. Not that there are no such times in my life, its just that I can tregister the exact thing that happened according to my wish or plan. Anyways sometimes things do happen as we hoped in our life.

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