Month: June 2016

No, thank you

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

  • Well nowadays there are a lot of words that need to be banned from general usage. A lot of words are used in our daily conversations with people around us that usually makes no sense at all. You all might have heard the use of word ‘Fuck’ in many scenarios, be it in movies, series, public places and even among friends. It is the used word among people. If you turn the pages of a dictionary to find the meaning of ‘fuck’, then it says ‘obscene’ or ‘vulgar’. It is known that the use of such words is immoral and is not assumed to be decent usage of words. It is not a great choice of words. I have an assumption as to regarding why most people see to cling in the usage of this particular word. It may be because it’s usage makes one cool and so on. We have to have a kind of decency regarding our choice of words. Otherwise the consequences might affect us. It becomes  a sort of a habit when usage of words as ‘fuck’ is encouraged among the mass.Stop using such words and let us promote usage of decent words so as to be moral and more respectful towards people.

Being happy by being yourself!

The beauty of words.

We are what we think

Sometimes we only hear and believe what people tell us. Maybe not to get rejected or not to be too different from others, but can we be happy when we compromise too much or pretend to be someone we’re not? Not really, only if you’re honest to yourself and only if you accept yourself the way you are, you can have a pure mind and a pure heart. True happiness comes from a true heart. 
Choose to be happy and you will feel happy. Refuse to believe anything that can take away your happiness unless it’s something reasonable to believe. But even then, remember to stay strong and be yourself. Don’t allow all the sad moments to control your life. Control them by making use of the positive thoughts above the bad thoughts.

Sometimes when I’m unhappy I choose to replace the sad thoughts for positive ones and my mind feels the good energy…

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Inspirational Video Poem – She Climbed the Mountain

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This inspirational video poem is about a woman who climbs the Mount Everest and celebrates her efforts in achieving this feat. I was inspired to write this poem and the main source of my inspiration is the theme is achievement and how people react to accomplishing their goals with hard work, persistence and perseverance and how they find exulting joy as they celebrate and feel blissful about what they did thanking God. So heres the poem. I believe that this would strike a cord and motivate everyone, serving as an encouragement factor.

Thank you.

I dedicate this poem to my parents, my relatives, my friends and everyone who has encouraged me in the course of my life. Thank you.

Poem Lyrics:

On the top of Mount Everest,
She stands,
Reaching its precipice
Taking a deep breath,
& beaming with joyous pride

On the top of Mount Everest,
She stands,

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ZEN THINKING: The world doesn’t happen to you—you happen to it.


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The activity of selfing is just that,
it’s an activity.

You actively insert your “self” into everything you perceive,
turning everything into a story about I, me, my and mine.

If you want to end the struggle
that seems to define your entire life,
then simply stop the activity of “me”,
and be free at once.

Just stop your selfing.
Stop creating something out of nothing!

Realize that your struggle isn’t real;
it’s created entirely by you.

Your mind reaches for concepts to attach itself to,
which you then define yourself by,
without even questioning their validity, their source, or their relevance
—without realizing that you’ve attached your entire emotional well-being
onto nothing but an imagined idea that you assume to be true.

You live inside the story you tell yourself,
rather than in reality itself.

You live in a dreamworld,
shaped by your fears and desires,
all of which revolve around your conditioning,
and however you personally prefer to control the nature of reality,
so that it cedes to your every egoic whim.

It must be realized that the stories
you tell yourself about the world are untrue.

You give duration to that which is otherwise short.
In other words, you drag things on, and on, and on.

You refuse to let go of that which has already passed;
this is your suffering.

A dog barks in a nearby yard
—and he’s disturbing “your” peace;
so you proceed to work yourself into an anxious and angry mess.

A spot of coffee is spilled on a freshly pressed shirt
—and the entire world is somehow against “you”;
so you allow a micro-moment to negatively affect your entire day.

You observe a person simply living their life
—and yet “you” become offended by their choice;
so you stomp around and demand that they change their mind,
rather than you simply minding your own.

You demand respect,
yet you give none in return;
you believe everything revolves around you.

But the world doesn’t happen to you;
you happen to it.

You create whatever world
you choose to believe in.

Everything is your own projection.

Observe your habit of selfing;
be free of false imaginings.

The world isn’t what you think.

Ask yourself,
“What am I creating out of nothing?”

No longer suffer
from the erroneous concepts you tell yourself.

Remove your sense of a personal self
out of every experience entirely!

See, without applying any concepts.
Listen, without forming any criticism.

Just be,
without inserting any presupposed ideas
revolving around a personal “me”.

Realize that every moment is Absolute;
it is not relative to anything you imagine.

Experience life;
without wrapping it inside of a concept;
without dividing it with a subjective opinion;
without turning it into a melodramatic tragedy
that’s all about me, me, me.

Just be,
free of “me”.

This is the truth of reality.

by Brian Thompson



LoSt WiThIn…..

Wonderful 🙂 🙂


Lost and forgotten

Shattered and Heartbroken.

Disappeared in the thoughts of her own,

thinking if she wud be cared and nurtured more.

Now caring about none,

just thinking of her own.

Whether we call it selfish

or rubbish

it is what it is.

Just her  and her  thoughts

Involved within….

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