The Interesting Case Of Showers


Happy Storytelling Thursday! I hope all is well with and that you’ve had an amazing week (so far). On this Storytelling  Thursday, we explore what makes showers amazing in… I Only Cry In The Shower.

I Only Cry In The Shower

After a long day of work, showering is the best medicine, when the hot water hits you, it feels like all that pain you’ve endured disappears. I only cry in showers why? Because you can’t tell if it’s me or the water, we become one.  It’s this magical feeling, I feel as if I’ve become invisible or maybe, invincible, not a single thing can touch me. I close my eyes and evaporate, I begin to envision myself in some weird place, a movie? The ocean? Somewhere so familiar, but then the cold water hits me and I’m back to reality.

I love to cry in the shower- I feel…

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