Why Coffee Ice Cubes Rock

The Daily Grind


If you’re a cold brew lover, taking five minutes to make some coffee ice cubes is the easiest, most awesome gift you could give yourself. Your coffee won’t get watered down, you’ll finally have a use for the cold coffee left in the pot, and you can play around with all sorts of different flavors and add-ins.

It’s super simple – you just pour leftover coffee into an ice cube tray to freeze it, then add the cubes to your cold brew in the morning, or pour milk over them for an iced latte at home. If you brew using a drip machine, freeze what’s left in the pot for the next time you want to make iced coffee. Since cold brew is concentrated, it makes great coffee iced cubes, but hot-brewed coffee works too. If you’re using hot-brewed coffee, make sure to let it cool to room temperature before pouring…

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