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Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one
piece of advice based on your experiences blogging. If you’re
a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other

Since I am a novice blogger and I am still learning the process of creative writing , I want to ask fellow bloggers to provide tips and tricks regarding the blogging and also creative writing related to online writing. Please do throw out some suggestions and tips that could help me improve my writing habit and also blogging process. I want to see changes in my writing style through tips and suggestions received from you guys. Do pass out some wonderful stuff related to blogging to me, the novice blogger.

Thank you.


15th March

The day is so nice and while I am on my way, I realize it is 15th March. I try and recall those days when I imagined how would March 2016 be like.It is still the same and now I know that how quickly days pass by.

I am looking and the days are going just like that.We have no control over time and time keeps on teasing us and playing with us.The day is so wonderful and I have no words to describe the feeling at the moment.

Spending quality time with self never felt so nice. Try it . We seldom find time to talk to self and improve our character. I felt the need to do so because I was immature during those past years and I am feeling a change, a sudden drastic change in me now .i have felt the need to realize my existence and spend some time with self.

Live today as if there is no tomorrow. This saying people have been passing on for generations and then it is true. Cherish and enjoy the moment that is today in which you are living. Who knows what awaits you for tomorrow and you may die. Never keep things for tomorrow. Do them right now and keep on enjoying the gifts that life gives you and embrace the problems you have to face today, tackle them one at a time. Don’t panic and everything will be all right.


🙂 🙂

Great people

Debating is really a great experience.I was totally null about this debating thing until one of my friends introduced me with debating.At times you may feel like debating is not your thing but you will learn as you go on practising and all.

I got an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful workshop where there was lot of fun and debating too.I felt the hangover for few days and still the memories have not been faded from my memory lane.They still linger over my memory.

I felt like I made good decision being a part of the workshop.We created strong bondings and made memories worth sharing.Despite hectic schedules,we were able to have fun and smile also.That made my day.I had never been among such lovely and friendly people.Even if there were times when I felt demotivated and stressed,I was able to put up a smile and keep up the spirits due to the people there.There were people never failing to motivate the participants and not to forget about the amiable environment created due to the coaches and trainers there.

I love debating and I made a new family through debating.


Debating fighting

Never Mind

Sometimes when nothing goes just right and worry reigns supreme. When heartache fills the eyes with mist and all things useless seem. Just one thing can drive away the tears that scald and blind. Someone to slip a strong arm ‘round and whisper, “Never mind.” … Continue reading Never Mind