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Happy Science

Hey guys How are you doing?I hope everything is fine.I was just going through the Happy Science Monthly Magazine Issue 199 and thought of sharing some quotes mentioned in the lectures by Ryuho Okawa. “It may appear a burden,but you are probably in that situation … Continue reading Happy Science


I sit back and enjoy the warmth of the sun I’m in an awful condition Tolerating the excruciating pain Hoping everything to be allright I just enjoy the moment I am amused and stressed at the same time For no reason I am having mixed … Continue reading Miracle

Move on

move-on.jpgI don’t stop and dare to look back

Along the path which I have travelled

I walked through the hurdles that tried to crush me

But these hurdles refined me

People tell me not to look back

But to look one step ahead

I am ready to embrace my past

To correct all of  my mistakes and move on

I want to steer my life into a new direction

So that I can learn from past as well

As from the future

I just want to sweep the negative things aside

To change the things from their previous state

I have to move on.