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iKON ‘Dumb and Dumber’ MV Review

LA DI DA DI chaemineun norae


EXO playlist

You know the feeling when you are feeling down and everything seems to be falling apart.Yes back when I was in my junior year of high school,I was suffering from school work,stress and was suffering from illness.I was frustrated you see.everyone gets stressed and tensed when things son’t go the way they want to go.But there is solution to every problem and they can be solved.So there was Music for me,esp Kpop.I would listen kpop and enjoy them.They were soothing and would calm my nerves.EXO oppas were there for me(not there with me) but you know my point.I decided to post my playlist of EXO that I listen always even now since I am still in recovery from my operation,they give me hope and their soulful voice calms me right.Create your own playlist and have a listen to them when you are feeling so blanked out or are zoning out of your comfort zone.

Peace guys.

EXO fighting.EXO_L ^_^

One true pair 12


Multi Fandom


Being in a multi fandom,I love it.I am actually an EXO-L and YG stan.But I am in multi fandom.I can’t help supporting all the groups even rookies.

The thing that I love about these groups is that they each have unique kind of chant or let us say their way of representing themselves.For instance,We can call it their signature introductionstyle.

EXO:We are ONE ,Anyeonhaseyo EXO Imnida

Block B:Do u wanna B,Anyeonhaseyo Block B  Imnida

SuJu:Urineun Shupeu Juni OHEHO (cue hand motions)

Sistar:We’re B.E.S.T. Sistar – Hello we’re Sistar!


B1A4:Let’s fly, B1A4! adorable salute


GOT7:Come and get it, GOT7!

These are some of the Kpop groups’ signature introduction.They do everything so perfectly and they do it in sync.

New rookies debut and I am surprised how much talented they are.There are maknaes who are younger than me,who are filled with so much passion and vigor.Maybe the maknaes’ average age is around 14-15 years which is just daebak.They are so talented and determined to pursue their dream.keep going yedura.They sure garner loads of attention from their noonas and oppas hehe.

Being in a multifandom,there are lots of perks.Overall all korean groups are awesome and hard working.I don’t want to be partial towards them.EXO YG fighting.Sarangheyo


Are you ready??

My cute EXO
Well there have been really awkward and wierd incidents in the kpop world this year i.e 2014.Really sad and heart breaking incidents occured too which have left all the kpoppers around the world heartbroken.But also they(kpop groups) have been rising as international idols and that is a matter of great honour for the country’s economy too,isn’t it??No matter what ever nonsense people around me say (i’m mentioning to the non-kpoppers around me,u know they bug me so much and nag about negative thngs of kpop but seriuosly who even cares) i’m always gonna support the kpop wave woohoo yehet 🙂 ❤ ❤ kpoppers and thir positive vibe that they always spread among their fans like Chanyeol (Happy virus ) from EXO my ultimate fav.boy group.So today is his Birthday Saengil chukkahe Oppa even if u r far away from us,plz keep spreading the happy virus and cheer ur band mates for all those things that have occured in EXO this particular day.
until the time that i manage time to update till then ANNYEONG.take care of urselves yeorobun .
Saengil chukkahe oppa
So let all the kpoppers unite and get ready for a whole new beginning (i’m just mentioning this to show strong support for the kpop groups) YEHET OHORAT