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I want to know what love is

We each have many types of love relationships — parents, children, spouses, friends. And they’re not always with people; you may love an animal, or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

Love can happen anytime with anyone anywhere. There are no limitations of love, loving anyone. Loving an animal or a person is no different. No one can tease a person for loving an animal deeply or even a guy for loving a guy and a girl for loving a girl. Love is a feeling, it Is a wonder in itself. It transcends time and everything. We do not know when we love someone and there just is no definition to love. If you ask a small boy playing in a park alone, the definition of love, maybe he will answer it in a sense that he loves his mother and his father and not to forget his elder sister who cares for him even more deeply than him. To him love is about his family members.

Now if you ask about love to a teenage boy, he will answer in a way about his relationship with his lover. He will cherish their love even though it might be physical love or whatever. Don’t know whether their teenage love is gonna last but he is happy to cherish and live in the moment and live in their love.

Asking about love to an old man left to care in an old home, you will see and feel his sadness about losing the love of his children and his deceased wife. To him, love is only a word that by listening to it also pricks his heart that no one can stitch by words to soothe him  where he is waiting for god to take him to heaven.

Love is a unique thing and precious thing

So lets spread the love


have a great day

Key takeaway

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one
piece of advice based on your experiences blogging. If you’re
a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other

Since I am a novice blogger and I am still learning the process of creative writing , I want to ask fellow bloggers to provide tips and tricks regarding the blogging and also creative writing related to online writing. Please do throw out some suggestions and tips that could help me improve my writing habit and also blogging process. I want to see changes in my writing style through tips and suggestions received from you guys. Do pass out some wonderful stuff related to blogging to me, the novice blogger.

Thank you.

Evasive action

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

Well each and every person has this secret that they don’t tell anyone at least I don’t like saying it to anyone and keep it all by myself. I don’t have that much of a significant secret in my life. And even if I have one I don’t go revealing it to everyone of my choice. Because secrets are meant to be kept a secret and there’s no point in telling the secret to every people. Basically my logic is this that secrets are not mea
nt to be said. Saying that I don’t have any significant secret and the truth will always stay to myself no matter what happens. The truth about my secrets stays with me and within myself only. I wouldn’t share any of my secrets with anyone be it even with my own siblings.

The glass?

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

It all depends upon the person. How does that person see things and whether or not the person’s mindset is negative or positive. Well in a way, we should be happy that we have at least a glass and then we are able to look things as half empty and half full. The glass as far as I see is half full and  balancing our thoughts and thinking matters pretty much in our life. Always trying to see in good in every thing is challenging and rare number of people can do so.

Saying that the glass is half full or empty doesn’t matter. Because it all comes down to which side you are on in the matter of thinking. If we see the glass is half empty, it gives out a not-so-good image and if we see the glass as half full, it gives off positive vibes according to analysis of the people’s minds. Well that being said, I think the most important thing is having the courage to always see bad things as good and make all bad things go right. Keep on believing in yourself and never ever let go of things. Have patience as things are bound to be allright. Always see the glass as full, half full or partially full.

Peace. Fighting.

It’s a text, text, text world

How do you communicate differently online than in person,if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

And here I am about to answer the second prompt for the day. The question is mentioned above.

Obviously I am not much of an online person however I prefer communicating with people in person rather than in the internet. But while communicating online with few of my chosen friends, I tend to speak normally and sometimes when I am not in a good mood, I do not speak online and when the person I dislike starts a conversation with me, I get all mad and avoid speaking with that person due to which I go offline. I am so not into online chat.But then also, I like using slangs while speaking online with people. Apart from all these, I like being a part of online groups which I am part of a couple of groups. The main benefit of such groups is that I get to read all the interesting messages that is posted in the group by the members even if you don’t get to be a part of it. Today most of the chat and conversations happen online. We never meet with people but converse with people online which is so virtual and too much fake.

I sometimes exaggerate my feelings and emotions in a written medium because no one is gonna find out about our true feelings as they are eventually neglected which is the reason I tend to be more poetic and literary while communicating with people online regarding my emotions. What is even more funny is my typos Oh god I make so many typos. Many people have misunderstood me because of that. I am sorry to those people ahhah lol whatever sometimes wrong emoticons get sent to unknown people. You know one time I sent a kiss emoticon to my guy friend from school and I said nothing, I just sent another smile emoticon which looked as if I was correcting the emoticon sent earlier. Hope he didn’t take it seriously for some reason. YES that is one disadvantage of typing and communicating by text.

For some reason, I like talking with people in person rather than online. But there are ways to improve socializing online with people also.

Thank you.


Everyday writing prompt

I had this everyday writing prompt PDF saved since four five weeks and had left it there untouched. But today I had the chance and the time to open it and see what content was there in the prompt. I love writing but I have been lazy these past days. Like seriously, I have not been writing and updating my blogs which is crazy for some reason and also because I have got so many things to handle. Today is May 3rd 2016 and the prompt questions are for everyday as the title itself suggests meaning to say that the prompts are popped out every day whihch we have to answer. I am going to answer in my own way starting today i.e the prompt for May 3 as per the question is;

The little things
Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that
defines your world but is often overlooked.

Well one of the little things that I love and defines my world is without hesitation is Kpop and Hallyu. Yes the reason why I chose Kpop is because it is one of the little things that defines my world and is overlooked. My craze with Kpop and hallyu is not liked or appreciated by my parents but  it has reduced the my-daughter-is-obsessed-with-koreans thing now. However this thing is not emphasized and I tend to forget about it too. i think I am getting in the track of the question as  far as I know. Korean music and drama is something that I have been in love with since Grade 5 and it has been almost 7-8 years since my obsession and involvement with the Korean craze. Whenever I am sad or upset and angry or happy, Kpop keeps me filled and it keeps me rejuvenated. Due to it, I am in a  way relieved that I have a special connection with Kpop and the Korean things that I love, be it Korean music, culture and everything.It provides me with joy and even some dramas make me cry. They fill me with emotions. Being a fan is hard because even if you are not related to that person meaning to say your bias as in blood relation or anything, there is this feeling or emotion overflowing whenever your bias is sick or gets success in their album and in any special performance and sorts and sorts. Even when they get awarded in a award ceremony, it will be a matter of joy and pride for us. Maybe it is their special kind of charm due to which I am attracted day by day to them. I never get enough of them. I adore them and always admire them. I also have this special place for Korean singers in my heart and respect them from the core of my heart. I will never forget their hard work and dedication which inspires me in turn.

Peace Hallyu wave