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Waiting for your messages

I swipe my cell phone screenlock

Only to notice the eyes of my favorite Youtube star

Staring right into my eyes in the screen,

I don’t see your message popping up

In the middle of his face,

Just like it usually did

And it feels not right of the way

I wish you wouldn’t text me

Ever again,

Thank you for those past texts…

“Diversity” Is A Problem

Bitter Gertrude

In theatre and in academia, my two worlds, we talk a lot about “diversity.” In theatre, we talk about diversity in casting, we talk about diversity in programming, we talk about diversity in audiences. In academia, we talk about “attracting and retaining diverse students” and “the diversity of our faculty.” But there’s a massive elephant in the room that we continue to ignore.

Diversity is not enough.

Do not confuse “diversity” with “equity.” I have been in far too many situations where an organization hires a handful of people of color, plunks them into the lowest rung (either by title or by treatment) and then never thinks about them again. I have been in far too many situations where faculty believe they are “working to retain” students of color by designing classes with titles like “Keepin’ It Real: African American Performance,” taught by a fussy middle-aged musical theatre professor, instead…

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Unity From Bushes

Zest Of Thoughts

Bushes have a lesson for us to take,

Lesson of togetherness,

Lesson that unity is strength,

Sleek and slender leafy stems are rendered toughness, when bunched into dark cloudy shades,

They can form a cover for you ,when you hide behind them,

But they hurt you when you cross them from in between,

They break but don’t separate,

What if we live like that,

Isn’t it a nice food of thought,

So just think once and react this way in life and feel the change i am feeling.

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