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A few months ago a couple of friends tricked me into running with them. Tricked. It’s more of a jog, really, they said. Hucksters. I am many things, but athletic is not one of them and the times I was forced to run in gym class were some of the darkest, most tortured, most terrible […]

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Unity From Bushes

Zest Of Thoughts

Bushes have a lesson for us to take,

Lesson of togetherness,

Lesson that unity is strength,

Sleek and slender leafy stems are rendered toughness, when bunched into dark cloudy shades,

They can form a cover for you ,when you hide behind them,

But they hurt you when you cross them from in between,

They break but don’t separate,

What if we live like that,

Isn’t it a nice food of thought,

So just think once and react this way in life and feel the change i am feeling.

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No, thank you

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

  • Well nowadays there are a lot of words that need to be banned from general usage. A lot of words are used in our daily conversations with people around us that usually makes no sense at all. You all might have heard the use of word ‘Fuck’ in many scenarios, be it in movies, series, public places and even among friends. It is the used word among people. If you turn the pages of a dictionary to find the meaning of ‘fuck’, then it says ‘obscene’ or ‘vulgar’. It is known that the use of such words is immoral and is not assumed to be decent usage of words. It is not a great choice of words. I have an assumption as to regarding why most people see to cling in the usage of this particular word. It may be because it’s usage makes one cool and so on. We have to have a kind of decency regarding our choice of words. Otherwise the consequences might affect us. It becomes  a sort of a habit when usage of words as ‘fuck’ is encouraged among the mass.Stop using such words and let us promote usage of decent words so as to be moral and more respectful towards people.