I sit across from people on a regular basis and ask them their stories. I have heard hundreds, more likely, thousands of stories. Some of these stories have made me laugh, or cry, be more curious, or be less curious. I have felt possibly every emotion one could feel while talking to another human being. […]

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Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you Isolated_girl for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. It feels nice to have your blog recognized in the online platform. Thank you very much.

I am a novice writer and a blogger. I am learning things about blogging and so I am happy to have started blogging. I started publishing rough poems and tidbits of my writing since the end of 2015. Since then I have grown so much through writing and blogging. I might not be good at writing poems and crafting stories but I am learning to do that. I have met many creative people and talented people through blogging and have learnt much things from them. Thank you.

Isolated_girl writes heart-touching poems and her writings are really good. Do check out her creations and writings here:


Advice to new bloggers:

  1. Keep on writing and if any new thing or thought pops in your mind in the middle of the day, do not hesitate to write that down and gradually you will enhance your skills.
  2. Always try to learn new things from online blogs and journals. Keep on reading and writing. Make it a habit and never give up on writing. It will slowly take shape once you practice writing.
  3. Stay motivated.

Lastly, I would nominate these wonderful bloggers here:

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  2. silwalwrites.wordpress.com
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  5. https://therandomdaily.wordpress.com/
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  7. https://themindfulnepali.com/
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  14. https://pavitragurungm1.wordpress.com/
  15. http://thepoetsbillow.org/

Thank you all.

The Heartbreaking Side of Being Santa Claus That No One Talks About — TIME

There’s more to being Santa Claus than eating milk and cookies. That’s what Eric Schmitt-Matzen learned after a little boy died in his arms. The jolly world that the 61-year-old engineer from a small town in Tennessee had created for kids for almost a decade nearly came crashing down a few weeks ago at a…

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Waiting for your messages

I swipe my cell phone screenlock

Only to notice the eyes of my favorite Youtube star

Staring right into my eyes in the screen,

I don’t see your message popping up

In the middle of his face,

Just like it usually did

And it feels not right of the way

I wish you wouldn’t text me

Ever again,

Thank you for those past texts…

“Diversity” Is A Problem

Bitter Gertrude

In theatre and in academia, my two worlds, we talk a lot about “diversity.” In theatre, we talk about diversity in casting, we talk about diversity in programming, we talk about diversity in audiences. In academia, we talk about “attracting and retaining diverse students” and “the diversity of our faculty.” But there’s a massive elephant in the room that we continue to ignore.

Diversity is not enough.

Do not confuse “diversity” with “equity.” I have been in far too many situations where an organization hires a handful of people of color, plunks them into the lowest rung (either by title or by treatment) and then never thinks about them again. I have been in far too many situations where faculty believe they are “working to retain” students of color by designing classes with titles like “Keepin’ It Real: African American Performance,” taught by a fussy middle-aged musical theatre professor, instead…

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