Month: March 2016


I wanted to ask myself this question whether I am tired today or not? I never ask myself or even care to question myself regarding my day and what I learned. It’s always about our work or others. Because in the end, we all care about what others are doing, eating, studying and forget about our own existence. I seldom spend time with myself at the end of the day.

I want to spend time with myself and then reflect my activities at the end of the day, but I feel so tired and so I go to sleep. I don’t do those things which I have committed. Sometimes it is all about the time which we can take out for ourselves. Learning about self is the greatest asset and I am stuck in my body till I die so if I do not know myself better what is the meaning of my existence? 

I used to feel so tired with life sometimes and I do now too. It’s not that all things are into place and that everything is aligned together. NO…

Feeling tired and demotivated is the same thing which leads to depression. Even though my mother says to put up a smile no matter how bad your day is, no matter what problems you have on your shoulders, but the natural smile just doesn’t come up. In fact, I get so tired and also angry when things don’t go according to my way, I lose track of my mind and I don’t know what I will do.

Okay, fine Smiling, when we are tired, is not a big deal,  but what if it is a big deal? I mean I find the number of such people rarely in my community.No one can hide their problems and then smile in front of their friends and relatives as if nothing has happened. I know it is teaching us to look things from a bright side disregarding the negative side, anyways how are we going to smile and live our life when we suffer from the loss of our beloved ones. It is going to be hard, but we must learn to go with the flow.

Saying and doing are two very different things, I say one thing and tend to act in a different way. I contradict my actions and thoughts because that is what normal people usually tend to do. Also, another thing which makes me tired or drains my energy is when someone shouts way too much and orders around (it is fine if the person ordering are my parents), but then also there is a limit to everything.

Do you ever feel tired because of the friends’ circle you have?

If no then that’s fine even if you are tired, it is alright; I know the feeling.

Okay so my eyes are slowly shutting down the system, I even do not know why I feel so freaking tired on this wonderful day. Because as far as I remember, I was dancing to ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake hahaha

Not funny I love the dance steps of the song.

Anyways don’t ever feel tired by the things and the problems which you are involved in. Keep on smiling and Rock on.

Chao. See yah


🙂 🙂 🙂


15th March

The day is so nice and while I am on my way, I realize it is 15th March. I try and recall those days when I imagined how would March 2016 be like.It is still the same and now I know that how quickly days pass by.

I am looking and the days are going just like that.We have no control over time and time keeps on teasing us and playing with us.The day is so wonderful and I have no words to describe the feeling at the moment.

Spending quality time with self never felt so nice. Try it . We seldom find time to talk to self and improve our character. I felt the need to do so because I was immature during those past years and I am feeling a change, a sudden drastic change in me now .i have felt the need to realize my existence and spend some time with self.

Live today as if there is no tomorrow. This saying people have been passing on for generations and then it is true. Cherish and enjoy the moment that is today in which you are living. Who knows what awaits you for tomorrow and you may die. Never keep things for tomorrow. Do them right now and keep on enjoying the gifts that life gives you and embrace the problems you have to face today, tackle them one at a time. Don’t panic and everything will be all right.


🙂 🙂

Stress buster


You know at the present age ,or the age in which we are living,each and every people out there is suffering from stress.There is not a single person who is not stressed or say frustrated with his/her life.We are living life in such a pace that we are forgetting what we are living for and we are also forgetting the little joys that exists  in our life.

Well I also do stress a lot and on a lot of situations.I freak out and I cannot work under a lot of pressure.I seem to blank out whenever I am in such situations. Can you just imagine how it must feel like to have an empty mind during any kind of competitions or such and such? It feels so lame and I feel so ashamed because that’s it .When my mind is not working and there is no space for the term ‘think’ then everything becomes bamboozled

Yes ,I sound awkward but trust me when we all are under pressure or stress,our brain does not work,mine doesn’t I dont know if yours does.Anyways the point is what is wrong with having an empty mind? Seriously ,we can fill the empty bottle with water when we are thirsty,then why not fill our empty minds when we are hungry of knowledge.

I am a novice debater see and there was one moment or say one debate where I was on the opening side(if you get what I mean) and I seriously wanted to kill myself because that was the worst performance that I ever put okay,well I kept on dazing to one particular adjudicator which I do not know why I did that.Maybe it was because of lack of confidence.But yes it happened.After I did my part,I lost focus from the debate man why?

I did not know what my fellow debaters told or put forward any new thing.My mind was wondering around some new thing which sucked pretty much.I was just scribbling things and kept on doing that not caring about the debate but a shocking thing happened.I didnt expect the outcome to be like that.

AND the shocking part was that I won that debate now how it is upto the adjudicators but I know how and why I won.I realized that we cannot be judgemental and keep on criticizing ourselves.Even though you are stressed listen some music,it will heal you.It has healed me.

Whenever I am stressed or demotivated EDM tracks energise me and keep me hydrated.It sucks up my stress and pulls me out from the black hole.i am back again yeah.

SO guys even if you fall in such circumstances and tend to give up ,then remember do not lose hope.Stay motivated and tackle the stress.Challenge the stress and fight with it courageously.

What do you do to take away the stress?

PEACE and do comment

Thank you folks.

An Internal Monologue

I got a beating in my heart that says, “Oh, I am so tired of everything.” But then again the pause between this beat and the next gives me a split-second to think, “Nah, you can go on.” The next beating says, “Just give up,…

Great people

Debating is really a great experience.I was totally null about this debating thing until one of my friends introduced me with debating.At times you may feel like debating is not your thing but you will learn as you go on practising and all.

I got an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful workshop where there was lot of fun and debating too.I felt the hangover for few days and still the memories have not been faded from my memory lane.They still linger over my memory.

I felt like I made good decision being a part of the workshop.We created strong bondings and made memories worth sharing.Despite hectic schedules,we were able to have fun and smile also.That made my day.I had never been among such lovely and friendly people.Even if there were times when I felt demotivated and stressed,I was able to put up a smile and keep up the spirits due to the people there.There were people never failing to motivate the participants and not to forget about the amiable environment created due to the coaches and trainers there.

I love debating and I made a new family through debating.


Debating fighting


Hey folks,I was wondering that in a day does your mind get filled with loads and loads of questions that you are unable to answer them yourself.In each and every step of our life,we face several unexpected events where we have to make choices analyzing the situation we are in.So there comes a moment where we have to question ourselves in order to decide the right thing.

For instance the moment you open your eyes,you decide whether or not to wake up and get our of bed because you have gor two options,either to go to bed or get out of bed(that’s simple).And after you wake up,and become fresh,you again have a wide range of choices for yourself either drinking tea or coffee and the game of choices continues till you end your day.

Suppose you are about to go to your work(which is inevitable) and you have to board a local bus or whatever sort of transport in available.I get in between choices whenever I have to go out.See literally every vehicle or public transport coming my way is packed and they stuff people as if they are stuffing animals.Men and women get stuffed and then many wierd things happen.Like harassment and other violent activities.

I stand in the bus stop and make wierd expressions to each and every vehicle that passes my way because I have to make a choice,either to get on the vehicle that comes instantly as I have to reach my destination anyhow or wait for another vehicle of the same route for ten or fifteen minutes.Again I am in dilemma as I have to waste my precious time and energy,cursing the vehicles or utilizing that time doing something productive and I again wonder how can we do something productive when we are waiting for a freaking bus to do our work?

This is how I came up with the concept of GOC meaning Game Of Choices as if in Game of Thrones.It is fun you know.Our human minds have to make these many choices in a day that I suppose humans can go mad when thinking about the same thing throughout the day without pausing.

Well for the very least thing,I tend to do so and I sometimes find myself speaking to myself not in minds but in person ,Yeah I speak to myself in person.My inner voice cannot be suppressed and it comes out ,whenever I am going to new places,or traveling or wandering new things and stuff alone.I mean it ,it sounds fun and it is fun.

I find myself entangled in this myriad of GOC and we can get out of this if we learn to ask ourselves the questions.Because it is said that to every problem lies a solution in itself.

Try it guys.Learning to control our own minds because it is our own asset not others’ DUH.


🙂 🙂 🙂